Veelgestelde vragen

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A vehicle is a 100% vegan product. You can use this product by itself. And you can enrich them with an active to really target a skin goal or address a skin concern. We have a cream and a cleanser based on edelweiss

Yes, PRESCRIPTION has HYPER-PERSONALIZED FACIALS. These are completely customized facials. This way, we can adress every skin concern and achieve all skin goals.

Yes, you can. But it is a requirement that there are no strong actives in your cleanser or cream. A cleanser may well have an acid like glycolic acid or salicylic acid added. And the cream may contain retinol (this is always stated on the front of the jar or tube). That's too much for your skin, since our actives also have a strong effect. And if your cream and cleanser are plant-based it's totally fine!

Yes, our cleanser is vegan and plant-based, so you can also use it to remove your makeup. Would you like it to deeply cleanse your skin? Then you can mix it with glycolic acid 10%, mandelic acid 20% or salicylic acid 2% + azelaic acid 7%

Actually everything except the retinol palmitate 3.7%. We also advise you to leave out the glycolic acid 10% and the salicylic acid 2% + azelaic acid 7% during pregnancy. Why? Because these actives really exfoliate your skin well and during your pregnancy you are more likely to produce pigment....

Yes, you can. But it is really necessary that you use an SPF during the day. An SPF30 would be sufficient. ☀️

Often the same package is ordered again. So you can simply reorder your skin concern package. You can also take out a subscription for 6 months (gives you, in addition to convenience, also a 20% benefit😀) But do you feel that your skin needs something else? Then we advise you to do the quiz again.

Do you really want to tackle your skin concern? Then we recommend that you purchase the entire package. But it's fine if you start with 1 or 2 actives. Or 1 active in combination with a vegan cleanser or vegan cream. On the pages of all the actives you can read exactly what they do and how to use them.

Definitely! There are also professional actives and basics of prescription for beauticians and skin therapists. These have an even higher dosage and come in a super convenient professional start box. You can offer the prescription facial to all your clients. Check out the start box here

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