Esther Meijer- Litjens + Stephanie Litjens

Esther + Stephanie are one of the most enterprising sisters in the Netherlands and won several national awards for their inspiring companies.

In 2005 they founded SOAP Treatment Store which now has a true cult status. It was the first new kind of beauty store/salon concept in the Netherlands. In the middle of the city, long opening hours, a great interior, highly trained beauticians, the latest beauty products and great coffee + tea. It quickly became the place-to-be. SOAP Treatment Store continues to transform and innovate in search of the best treatments and service. SOAP Treatment Store offers facials, massages, brows, manicure, pedicure and waxing and is located in Amsterdam. Rotterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven, Utrecht and Haarlem



In 2013 they founded DOCTORS AT SOAP, the first accessible cosmetic clinic in the Netherlands.
DOCTORS AT SOAP now has 6 clinics and is the fastest growing cosmetic clinic in the Netherlands. DOCTORS AT SOAP offers injectables, medical peels, laser treatments and eyelid corrections. DOCTORS AT SOAP is known for its unique No TRACE FACE® philosophy: "the best injectable is undetactable." You never see that you have been to a cosmetic doctor only fresher, younger and more rested

Next level skin improvement for beauty pros

PRESCRIPTION was launched in 2020 in response to the most frequently asked question from guests of SOAP TREATMENT STORE and DOCTORS AT SOAP:
"There are so many beauty products and I really have no idea which ones are right for me? Can you advise me on that?"
And of course we can. We offer free skin consultations and you can just walk in without an appointment.
But what about people who don't live nearby? Or people who want their advice in the middle of the night? Or people who do not live in the Netherlands? We have developed PRESCRIPTION for them.
Esther: "It is my mission that everyone has healthy skin by using just the right active ingredients and undergoing the best salon treatments. Healthy skin shines and is a real boost for self-confidence."
Stephanie: "This is the moment that beauty companies have to change: no more empty marketing promises, but honest and pure products that really work, solve a skin problem and keep the skin healthy."


Een gezonde huid voor iedereen

Prescription is er ook voor thuis. Heel toegankelijk en makkelijk krijg je met de smart beauty quiz een gepersonaliseerd voorschrift om je huid thuis zelf te behandelen en te onderhouden met onze wetenschappelijk bewezen pure actieve ingrediënten en de vegan cream en vegan cleanser.

Stephanie: “we hebben miljoenen gezichtsbehandelingen gegeven en hebben een grondige kennis van huidtypes, huidaandoeningen, ingrediënten, de levensstijl van mensen en huiddoelen. Het was een enorme uitdaging om dit naar PRESCRIPTION te leiden. Maar we hebben het gedaan en zijn zo trots om PRESCRIPTION te delen voor thuisgebruik en in salonbehandelingen ”.
Esther: “met jarenlang onderzoek, dataverzameling en meer dan 300 schoonheidsspecialisten, huidtherapeuten en cosmetisch artsen hebben we een enorme bron van menselijke expertise en kennis. We hebben dit allemaal gecombineerd om PRESCRIPTION te creëren; persoonlijk huidadvies voor het gebruik van alleen die ingrediënten en producten die voor JOU werken.

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