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We don't believe in one-size-fits-all products. Every skin and lifestyle is different. With prescription, everyone receives personalized skin advice immediately and online. How does that work? Take the unique smart beauty quiz and you will immediately receive a personalized prescription with instructions on which ingredients your skin needs and in which dosages. Prescription offers a collection of science based actives and vehicles, which you can mix + match so that you can create your own professional skin improvement.
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What is an active?

Actives are fluids with a high concentration of one active ingredient, which is aimed at tackling a skin problem in a targeted and fast manner. Glycolic acid 10%, mandelic acid 20%, salicylic acid + azalaic acid 7%, retinol palmitate 3.7%, ascorbic acid 20% and meso cocktail. By mixing + matching the actives with a cleanser or a cream you create the best treatment for your skin. Do you want to know which mix + match is right for you? Take the smart beauty quiz....or shop the actives directly.

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Meet Aida...your smart skin expert

Hello, I am Aida, your smart skin expert. Alle jarenlange kennis en ervaring van soap treatment store en doctors at soap is opgeslagen in mijn geheugen. Ik weet alles van huidverbetering, ingrediënten, doseringen, skin concerns, actives, werkstoffen en nog veel veel meer…. Ik sta altijd voor je klaar om je een persoonlijk voorschrift te geven welke ingrediënten jij nodig hebt, zodat jij ook die ideale huid krijgt. Wil je ook een personalized prescription? En wil je weten welke actives ik je voorschrijf en hoe deze te gebruiken? Ik nodig je graag uit om de smart beauty quiz met mij te doen.
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